Explore To Serve Campaign

Hi! I’m D. B. Raines.

What is the change you want to initiate in the world? What is the deepest dream of your heart? How can we serve one another, humanity, and this beautiful Planet Earth? How can we live free?

Those are questions I consistently ask myself to remain focused on what I believe is my mission and purpose while here on this beautiful planet Earth.

My life’s work is to walk the world for freedom. I walk to connect; to build relationship and raise funds and awareness for specific projects helping people in greatest need of life’s vital resources.

Raines Initiatives was established to create organizations which act as the vehicle to accomplish this. My vow is that I will walk the world for freedom, so that all human beings may experience and live free in relationship with one another. It is true freedom which I believe unearths the Truth of we are and empowers us to freely give love, peace, joy, understanding and generosity to all we encounter.

I believe that life itself is a free gift that I have received; therefore, I am living to freely give my life in service to humanity.


My life’s work is focused on starting and developing initiatives which act as organizations for people to join and serve with their dreams and passions born of our common goal to love and serve one another. I have started Humanitarian Explorer for travelers to use our steps and miles as a way to raise funds and awareness for specific projects through causes working to help people in greatest need of life’s most vital resources.

Will you support my world walk for freedom?


11 thoughts on “Explore To Serve Campaign

  1. Absolutely an amazing story! I am, indeed, envious of the freedom you felt, the love you shared, the truth you learned and how much your journey invigorated your life, which has, in its turn, invigorated your journey to continue … on into the world. Wonderful, and blessings to you, truly!


      1. Sorry, thanks for checking out my “blog”. I just noticed the typo.it is my honor to begin following such a unique individual ! Its rare these days to hear of anyone walking around anywhere loving and serving!

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    1. Thank you Iceland Penny! I love your blog and what you are doing. I am actually looking at Iceland as a place to go quite soon. Do you have any recommendations on the best time to go there for the purpose of walking…all of it 🙂 ?


      1. Hi — I was there in July 2012, on a fund-raising trek for the Arthritis Society of Canada. Weather was like Toronto’s early fall. My earliest posts still online cover that trek, so have a look. Otherwise I’m not an expert & suggest you google for good resources. It’s a wonderful country, & not just for trekking; also for arts, crafts, independence of spirit. Expensive, though… but worth the experience!


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