Connected Websites

The internet and online media is one of the most powerful tools we have in our world for communicating, connecting and building relationships with one another around the world.

I began to learn how to create websites in 2005 because I wanted to use these skills and knowledge to connect with people and to help others connect with one another. Personally, I can look back and see so many opportunities and life-changes happen through relationships that came through creating websites for projects and ideas I had or through conversations of social media networks.


The vision for Connected Websites is to create a company which povides the valuable and effective tool of a website too all people with an idea, passion or vision for something they would like to do in life. We believe that deep down each of us has a dream for how we are wired to serve one another; whether through starting a business to share items or skills (products or services); a cause to impact communities and the world; or, a simple personal website to show the world who you are: We believe that by giving you a website we will help you succeed and see your dream for life become a reality.


Connected Websites provides all services using what we call the “Freely Give; Freely Receive” way of doing business. This means that we will never deny or restrict access to our services and support based on financial limitations of our clients. We offer our skills and knowledge to everyone as a free gift, and in return we accept gifts of any amount from our clients. That way everyone who needs a website can have one and we are creating professional relationships based on trust, value and generosity.


Let's connect through discussion. What are your thoughts about this post?

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