Invest in People of the Road

I have tonight launched a campaign to get a book published of my writings from walking the Oregon Coast from April 26, 2015 through the end of July, 2015.

Here is the description of the campaign and how you can ivest:

“On April 26, 2015, I left my home in California to go walk the Oregon Coast. I had no definite plans or length of time in mind that I would spend walking this grand coastline; only a heart full of passion to connect with people from walks of life and discover the beauty of what can happen when we trust that God will provide for all of our needs through relationship.

I walked over 900 miles of the Oregon Coast for over 3 months. I met counteless numbers of amazing people from a wide-spectrum of experience, points of view and background. I spent nights around campfires with hikers and cycslists from Germany, Russia, Beligium, France, England, Austrailia, Denmark, Canada, Mexico, China, Korea, New York, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand and many more countries from around the world.

This fundraising campaign is to help me write a book about the 3 months I spent walking the Oregon Coast and get it published and market it for all those who are interested in being inspired to live a life of adventure and trust in our fellow human beings.

This campaign is more than simply donating money so that this book can be published, it is an investment. I have set the goal of $5000 to see this book published and spread throughout the world.

As an investor, you will receive a percentage of all proceeds received from the publication of this book.

I am asking you to give if you believe in what this book can be and how it can inspire others.

I have already written 2/3 of the book, and have a deadline set to complete the book by October 8.

Please invest in the creation of this book and upon publication let us be in contact and connection so that I may give you a return on your investment.

Thank you,
Dylan Raines”

Support the GoFundMe Campaign Here


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