What Brings Humanity Together?

As the United States election for President begins to heat up, today I am considering the question: What brings us together? What unites us?

In politics, this seems to be quite difficult as people seem more divided than ever over political issues and opinion. In 2008, it seemed that many people were united with “hope and change” promised by the campaign of Barack Obama. And yet, we are still divided, perhaps to an even greater extent today.

Personally, I believe the promise of the politician to “bring people together” is nearly impossible to fulfill as it is usually focused on particular ideas and ideologies which by their very nature divide people into certain camps. Those ideas are then coupled with particular issues such as how the economy should be manipulated; how the military ought to be used; abortion and same-sex marriage and so on.

And so I wonder, can humanity be unified by an idea? The world has seen revolution after revolution where many people were united in a desire and goal for freedom or overcoming an injustice. Have we been set free? With all of our revolutions, which brought with them immense violence and suffering, what has been accomplished?

I am proposing not an idea but something we must feel deep down within us. I am proposing a new kind of revolution which overthrows injustice and corruption and truly unearths freedom in the hearts of the people. This revolution occurs, as St. Paul expressed: “For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.”

The true revolution of freedom begins within the heart of each individual and an individual who is free is whole, indivisible. There is a war and battle happening here on earth but we fight with the weapons of love, peace, joy, understanding and generosity. We fight this war in the most inverse of senses of what normally comes to mind when we hear this word “fight.” We fight by surrender; by serving; by placing the needs of others above ourselves. These weapons stem from a heart that is completely free to give itself to the betterment of our world seeking nothing for itself in return. It sees the grand relationship we all share as wondrous living creations and walks with others taking no credit that we may all be free.

It is the heart which is free that is in complete unity. It is this freedom which is beyond a particular conception or idea of what freedom is in which we are united. It is this freedom which bursts out in the form of love bonding us as human beings together with one another to see our world transformed.


One thought on “What Brings Humanity Together?

  1. The first time humans came together was under the hegemony of Nimrod. It displeased the Creator. Mankind is still grappling with an unbalanced spiritual equilibrium, hence diverse inclinations. I believe that it is only the expected Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ that will usher in the true change and the freedom of the human race. This is when the heart of man, dear Raines, will function well enough to please God. I believe in God and in His Son, Jesus, the Christ. Amen.


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