What is the solution to prevent soaring suicide rates on Native American reservations?

This past June while walking the Oregon Coast I was invited to attend a conference conducted by a group of Native Americans. At this conference I heard a statistic that at one reservation this year, there has been over 200 suicides or attempts.

The Native American population may be one of the most overlooked and unnoticed people group in America. It seems that in building the United States of America we conquered the peoples here and easily forget that they are still here; they are still humanity; and they are still in need of acknowledge and love as we all are. In fact, there really is no “they” as we are all in this together.

So, how can we come together to see despair and fear replaced with hope and love in the Native American Youth?

What do you believe is the root of suicide?

(Further reading on this subject can be found here)


3 thoughts on “What is the solution to prevent soaring suicide rates on Native American reservations?

    1. Indeed! To expound a bit deeper, would you say that living surrendered to God would be the solution? Meaning, there is no formula or program or something we might discover to apply that would see the suicide rate drop and people have hope; rather, for we ourselves to surrender and see what God does?

      What does “God is the answer…” look like to you?

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      1. God has a plan for all people, and is in control of all things. The “evil” which we may blame of “such a loving God” is a result of Satan’s power on earth.

        However, God may allow some things to take place so that the greater good of His plans prevail on earth, and completely so in heaven.

        Explore God’s love in the commands He gives us, they are all meant for our betterment as people, which makes for better nations.

        If we lived by the standards of God, we’d be living by a flawless love. It wouldn’t be perfect on earth, as we are human and not able to be perfect. But things would be much more loving in a Godly way…


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