Are We the Paint or the Canvas?

I sit here in this coffee shop staring through the window big enough to fit a small cathedral and observe an older couple sitting just 5 feet from myself but on the other-side of the glass. I see their mouths and lips moving and there is a look of anger and frustration towards one another as they seem to be in a tense discussion.

The cars on the street appear to move slowly from my vantage point although the thought enters my mind that compared to a day just beyond recent history the 35 miles per hour at which they are likely moving would have been thought to extremely fast if not even too fast to be possible. Rate of motion is perception, relativity and all that jazz.

I wonder how quickly the couple that is arguing may be coming to a close, an ending of the anger which seems obvious from my view but perhaps unnoticed by theirs. Have they been married for fifteen years and the relationship is ending? Have they recently started dating and have lost enjoyment of one another? Or are they simply two people with no labels at all discussing the issues of life? I may never know these details and yet it has now dawned on me, something that is beyond the details.

The question jumps into my mind “what is within a human heart?” Who are we in the deepest of places? Are we the accumulation of memories and experiences and environments which have shaped if not created what we call one’s psychological makeup?  Is that who we are? And the word makeup” is interesting here in reference to our thinking and beliefs as it is just that: makeup as one masks themselves with paint. Is who we are not the paint but the canvas?

Are we something which lies beneath the makeup and paint that is – underneath it all – blank, clear and clean? Is the paint which covers only that which we believe is there?

If I believe that I am painted with red is that what creates the red? If I believe I am painted with green is that what creates the green? And if I believe I am painted by every color and all colors yet to be invented, is that who I am?

Perhaps who each one of is, is the combination of both paint and canvas. Perhaps we are deep, shallow and the surface all in need of one another to be whole.


2 thoughts on “Are We the Paint or the Canvas?

  1. We are the entire colour spectrum, we are purity, we are white, we are a blank canvas. To understand and perceive truth through our physical existence we need to peel away the layered ‘pollutants’ of accumulated experience and external influence to release the unbound potential and electromagnetic energy within, some call it a soul, perhaps free will and others say spirit, it needs no label.

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