Going Into All the World…

“I have made a committment to explore all the world with the goal of bringing people together, regardless of our differences, to solve global problems.”

I’ve always known it to be there, somewhere rolling around my skull but not originating there. Like feeling a wind blowing in one moment from the south, then the north, then the west, then the east; until realizing the wind came not from any particular point but was swirling all around as chaotic and complete. And if you sat near many campfires when the wind does this, you have probably experienced those times when no matter where you move the wind keeps changing direction so as to blow smoke right where you are, telling you to continue moving; to never be too comfortable in stagnation or you may be as memorized by the flame’s false love-signal as the mistaken moth.

I am now preparing to begin going into the world, traveling always from city to city, country to country, to see what love may be in store for us, humanity.

It seems there are many problems in our world; from immense poverty and people in lack of what gives physical life, which I presume may unthinkably be a problem that is dwarfed by our lack of spiritual wholeness. And it for both of these reasons that I will go and walk in faith that there is a way for us human beings to live rightly with one another – human rights, if you will.

My first international destination is yet unknown, but I expect I will leave the United States within the next few months, journeying west from the west coast I now roam. I have received several suggestions and invitations; to St. Petersburg, Russia to England to Mexico, and I believe the place I am to go will soon present itself as the wind always has a habit of moving us if we let it.

For this journey and mission, I will most certainly need your help and support.

Do you have suggestions on place I should go? Do you know of a great nonprofit, organization or community group I may connect with, volunteer with, or help support by using my walk to raise funds and awareness for them?

Let’s connect. I would be honored to have a conversation and learn about who you are and how we may all work together to bring a little more love and freedom to the world.

D. B. Raines – exploretoserve@gmail.com


12 thoughts on “Going Into All the World…

  1. This sounds like quite a journey for you. Perhaps it has something to do with God. If that may be a possibility, please visit and read as you like here and ask any questions you may have…



      1. Wow, a wide-open question indeed! He is life…and death. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

        Moses once asked God what he should say when the Egyptian Pharaoh asked him ‘who has sent you to me?’ And God answered:
        “I Am…tell him I Am has sent you.”

        No answer as to who God is can be complete enough to cover the most powerful being in existence.

        He is the One who was, who is, and who is to come…



      1. Thank you too. Your mission to bring all souls together for the good for all.
        I don’t think, this will be easy to do, because so many bad things are going on in our world.
        I live now in Spain and have seen, what the economical crises do to many people. These are difficult to reach. You need to know, that almost all will try to cheat you, no matter how positive you are yourself. For me that was very different to learn and I learned it the hard way.
        All over our world there are either crises or war of a kind, which corrupt people.
        I really wish you very good luck and I’m looking forward to read about your travel.

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      2. Excellent feedback! Thank you and I am honored.

        What I see first, is that it begins by who I think “I” am. I identify myself and this mission with all of humanity, we are all in this together. If someone were to cheat “me” who are they really cheating? It is only, I believe, by keeping identity in relationship, in the freedom and love which I believe true relationship births, that cheating would be eliminated. And if my life can have some kind of impact in that, however great or small, that is what I wish to do and see.

        What do you envision for the world? I this begins with being that ourselves 🙂

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      3. I agree and I do also believe in Karma and have seen and felt, that karma hits in a time. We need to pay for our bad behavior one day.
        I’m open-minded, spiritual but not religious, I don’t need that. I believe that kindness is always possible.

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      4. Yes, but who is that? What is it that makes you, you? Is who you are something separate from everything else, so as to have this pinpoint of something (or someone) to place blame or praise upon?

        Thank you for this discussion 🙂 I am enjoying it immensely.

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