The Stillness of Nature

I gazed longlingly at the branches upon trees as though there is a difference between the branch and the tree. I know that within these “things” my mind has intellectually separated into “things” for the purposes of knowledge there are innumerable actions taking place. There are the olecules, atoms and other countless-yet-to-be-discovered particles all converging and contending with one another in constant motion.

And yet what I see is still. I see their grand picture they have created. I see from the point of view as an outsider; which enables me to see their Grand Truth of Stillness. For that is the way this universe works. On one level, we appear to be very bubsy, going about our days in-pressed for time, rushing to that next meeting or being late for our responsible job. We’re always moving, and if not bodily we are moving with our minds. and thoughts Sometimes while walking my mind bounces from thought to thought that I realize if I don’t stop I’ll soon go crazy; even if the thoughts themselves seemed perfectly necessary and oblivious. Yet I know that if I do not cutout this incesant bounce my mind will move faster than the truth of reality and I’ll go insane. For that, I think, ought to be the very definition of insanity: being out of touch with reality. But if that were the definition we may alert ourselves to the fact that we are all insane; thus eliminating the practice of self-help gurus, therapy and therapists, and I suspect that they wouldn’t like that very much at all. It would probably drive them insane.

I am always perpetuated by this vision that is so often forgotten: that everything is alright and all will always be good in the end.


4 thoughts on “The Stillness of Nature

  1. The Bible says, “The spirit of prophesy is subject to the prophet.” In the same vein we should not allow our minds to rule us simply because two are the unseen forces that inhabit the mind of mankind; they are the force of good and that of evil. Thank you Raines for following me.


  2. For real, i dig this — thanks for sharing it. I hear you: you’re on the money. Thanks for dropping by FluxComb and i look … forward? … inward … to playing between blogs.


  3. Thanks for the follow. I’ve been reading you blog and I find it very interesting and will read more. I will follow you back and look forward to your post.


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