Right Action Is Born of Stillness

Before one can move, one must be still. Movement that is conducted without the awareness of stillness being its foundation produces restlessness and lack of peace. But movement that is based in stillness acts always with peace for it is born of peace and rest.

This is the way of Right Action. I do not propose “Right” as being a personal judgment one has made between right and wrong as though weighing the choices and facts in one’s own mind, for that kind of action will always be based in one’s own opinions formed from the information and instruction they have been given as to what a culture and society deems to be “right and wrong”; rather, it is the action which is made when one has surrendered themselves to peace and stillness. Peace and stillness then become the actors and we ourselves a vessel, a vehicle through which peace and stillness move and act.

Many of us wish to “change the world.” We observe our world with all its misery, suffering and conflict. Understandably, we would like to change this circumstance. However, many of us begin to devote our efforts toward producing a change in our own power, born of our own judgment. But all true change in the world of mankind; all freedom, peace and love which bursts onto the scene of our world; is born out of our surrender to freedom, peace and love. Therefore; nothing ever really changes because we have not surrendered.


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