Contemplation Book: Volume 1

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Contemplation is a word that I use to describe a practice of deeply investigating thoughts, ideas and beliefs in order to discover the Truth of who we are. Contemplation may be viewed with great similarity of those practices called prayer and meditation. And although the word contemplation has become associated with various religions and movements over the years, it is a word that I felt lacked some of the connotations associated with the words meditation and prayer.

Truth, I believe is beyond what we conceptualize or theorize in the mind. This is not to say that thoughts and ideas are not as well aspects of Truth; simply that what we think of as being truth is not itself the Truth. Truth is not a thought, although thinking is an act of Truth.

This book is a collection of essays. These writings are meant to inspire thoughts and questions to initiate discussion. It is through deep discussion and asking important questions that we truly learn about who we are as human beings and the fundamental nature of the relationship we share with life.

Table of Contents:
The Practice of Contemplation
The Search to Find Peace
Is Worrying Ever Beneficial?
On the Responsibility to be Happy
The Way of Living Like the Wind
Grace To Live In The Present
Is Suffering Necessary?
Meditation Is Good For You; Unless That’s Why You Do It
Who Are You Beyond Who You Think You Are?
Has Humanity Ever Fundamentally Changed?
Do Fear and Worry Motivate Your Actions?
What Do You Want Out Of Life?
The Limiting Aspects of Belief
Peace Through All Circumstances
What Happens When The Mind Is Still?
Walk In Someone Else’s Shoes
Are You Free If You Don’t Know You Are Free?
Dreamers In Dark Rooms
Changing A World That’s Always Changing
Where Is Heaven?
In Harmony With Our Environment
Can Mindfulness Solve Your Problems?
Living In The Present
What Makes You Feel Secure?
On Having A Sense of Mission
Can Anger Lead to Peace?
What Is Your Idea of Heaven?
What Is A Mind That Is Free?
The Fear of Change
Is It Necessary To Have A Problem?
Truth Is Unknown
How Can I Be Free If You Are Not?
What Is The World You See?


4 thoughts on “Contemplation Book: Volume 1

  1. “Truth is not a thought, although thinking is an act of Truth”. That is profound. But, are all thinking an act of Truth? My assuption and I stand to be corrected, is that some forms of thoughts stem from the ego. Thus, not all thoughts are from Truth but all Truths can be reasoned out i.e logic.


    1. Great question and continued quest for discussion 🙂

      Truth, is a word that I use to mean what is actual. I’ve often said “I feel like a poet attempting to say what can’t be said” and that “what can’t be said” is what I think of when I think of Truth (which is admittedly saying too much). So, in that larger sense, I would say that all thoughts which occur is an act of truth, as thinking is an activity that seems to be happening, which is not to say that the content of the thought is factual, reasonable, rational or logical; rather, only that the act of thinking is born of truth as sounds that happens which comes from silence when we hit a drum.


      1. “which is not to say that the content of the thought is factual, reasonable, rational or logical” This resonates with me. Perhaps, that is why we shouldn’t take our thoughts for truth. Tanks for these juicy insights. Namaste!

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