Are We Here To Serve or Rule Nature?

I’ve been walking beside the Great Pacific for nearly 10 weeks now and there are moments which creep up behind me as though it had been there waiting through all eternity to unveil some great secret.

It’s easy to get used to things and places and events which are routine and that we are continuously doing. Yet there are those times we open our eyes to witness the true beauty in everything at the precise moment we needed to do so.

Right now I am overcome with astoundment at the beauty of my surroundings. There is the mountain encased in fog as though the Spirit of the mountain is beckoning on to see the grandness of mystery this land holds bursting forth freedom.


There is the sun which just passed behind a cloud and the mystery of that cloud covers the sun to produce a brilliant show of literal fireworks as beams of light circumnavigate to my eyes. And I wonder, “Is the sun producing the beams of light or is the cloud which blocks the sun producing the beams of light? and realize how utterly meaningless this question without answer truly is.


Why do we want to separate things? Certainly there is a usefulness inour declarations of separation of things in that we can reach some kind of knowledge about those things. Just as one who studies oceanography would study the ocean and using their specified lens or scope can deduce certain facts because they have so devoted themselves to a particularity of interest. Yet if one did not see that the ocean is related to everything else – the animals within it; the people who sail upon it and deposit their waste to float through it; the tide-impacting-moon and so on then they would miss out on the giant simplicity and complexity of what the ocean actually is and how it actually works.

And why do we need to know how something works? We convince ourselves that by this “knowing of the mechanics” we have somehow mastered nature when in truth we were never the masters of nature but the servants, at least, perhaps, we were once intended to be?


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