The Priority of Love

MY HEART BEAT WITH IMPENDING excitement as I awoke to this brand new day inviting me to walk the road; the road I have yet to tire of after the eternity of 11 weeks I have spent sauntering along.

The excitement I felt of today was not one for the adventures I would most surely have; the people I would meet; the views of mountains and forest; it was instead an excitement born of a rememberance of something always there that we sometimes (or perhaps, oftentimes) forget; and it is the very essence of what this whole journey called “life” exists because of: LOVE. I awoke knowing that my life all boils down to one great singular reason and purpose for evertyhing I might do: LOVE people. For this is the very reason I choose to walk the road over the solitude of the forested trails: People.

Although it gives little description to the specifics of what one does, I envision nearly every question someone I meet asks me along this pilgrimage:

What do you do for a living? Love people.

What do you believe about God? Love people.

Where are you from? A place of love.

On and on and on this could go without causing cluttering confusion. And this response, I expect, would tell you much more about who I am – who I really and truly am – at the very core. But of course what’s interesting to us in the course of relationships is not so much who we are at the core but in the more superficial details. And I use the word “superficial” in no way as something demeaning but with a playful spirit. Because I believe that at the foundation of each one of us there is love that is expressed in our differences which makes learning to love one another through the differences the real art and joy of life. It is all-too-easy to become mezmorized by the great differences is but the more mezmorized we are by one another the more we can go through it to get to the very heart that is at us all.

Now on to the adventure…

Today is especially unknown as I do require some kind of unforeseen event to occur if I am to make it to some form of security or place to lay my head on this night. For I am at a location where it is too far to walk to the next state park campground the Oregon Coast is so plentiful with where I can pitch my tent and have a shower and meet fellow campers for only $6 a night. There are perhaps other campgrounds along the way whose price is far too outrageous for one to simply pitch their tent on Mother Earth. Even if I had the money to pay them I expect I may decline solely based on the principle of the matter.

It is also not lost upon me that by knowing I need some unforeseen event to occur I am at the same time defeating the purpose of the event being “unforeseen” and must regress into adventurous exploration that whatever will be will be and my eyes are opened only to this shining present moment of what IS.

Time to go…


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