The Gloom that Gives Light

Today was filled with nothingness as my mind went blank into that purposeless void. From this void I questioned all that had been created, accomplished, and was overcome with complete and total terror that it too, was and is meaningless.

But from the meaningless we are enabled to once again see what has so meaningfully impacted hearts to thump-dabump-thump. The sunlight chimes in-to our gloomy happenstance to remind us that it’s always been there and always will be, if only sometimes veiled by The Great Illusion. And when we come to this knowledge the greyness can be looked upon with a newly-born smile because we know that greyness is still illuminated and given sight by the light behind. For we need that grey to see that we need each other.

I haven’t had anything of great noteworthiness to talk about today. I haven’t met some fellow traveler with whom I have deeply connected. No, today I have worried. Today I have questioned. Today I have doubted. I ate a pound of french fries and asked myself “where’s the money going to come from?” as though money were what enabled this life to exist and motion me forth to be light under grey skies.

Relationship is all there ever is and ever was. The moment I consider my own circumstance I step off the stage so divinely prepared for me to dance upon with you, humanity. And I am dearly sorry for those moments I have stopped dancing while you continued carrying on with great beauty for me to discover and unearth as though we both need to realize and remember the beauts we are. In those connections we make the world changes back into what has always been there, just as that sun shines light upon us always- it’s about perspecitve.

The ultimate giver of light in our ‘neck of the universe is that which is not to be looked upon unless you want your eyes to no longer function properly and so I return to my love, those grey clouds which enable me to see clearly once again.

For tomorrow we shall all arise to that golden sun once again, shining with new day upon us in all glory awaiting to see what glorious luminaries we’ve become.

All is well.


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